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Temple College Landscape

Student Projects

Left to right, Keb Burns and Diane Barnes

Temple College student Keb Burns, under the direction of CIS instructor Diane Barnes, GIS instructor Jason Deckman, and Director of Facilities and Construction/Facilities Planning Skeet Powell, assisted Campus Horticulturist Reid Lewis in preparing a database and map of the plants on the campus. The database, which includes information about plant features such as plant size and growing conditions, will be linked to a map showing the location of plant beds, trees, and grassy areas on the campus. The database and map are the primary planning tools used by the committee in monitoring the location and status of Temple Collegeís unique collect of Texas native and adapted plants. Committee members and the public will eventually be able to query the plant database using a plantís name or other characteristics such as size or shade tolerance and see where the plant occurs on campus.

The Temple College Landscape Database and the Landscape map are both part of a larger effort to develop a campus geographic information system (GIS) that can support a variety of needs such as campus landscape planning, event planning, and other future plans. The GIS is a valuable teaching tool, helping to prepare students for careers in GIS, mapping, and community planning. Temple College offers an Associate of Applied Science and Level I certificate in GIS and in Computer Aided Design. Contact the Business and Career Professions Division at 254-298-8316 for details.

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