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Temple College Landscape

History of the Landscape Committee

The Landscape Committee had it its beginning in the fall of 1998 when Temple College Board of Trustees President, Mrs. Bea Wohleb, asked Trustee Anne Penney Newton to organize a committee to plan ways to improve the appearance of the campus. Seven years and a few months later the Landscape Committee is still accepting her challenge. From the first meeting, it was decided that native and well-adapted plants would be used to conserve water and reduce maintenance. The Mission Statement of the Landscape Committee is:

The mission of the Temple College Landscape Program is to educate, inspire, and encourage conservation of natural resources for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.

The first projects were the bed in front of the Arnold Student Union and the Sculpture Garden in front of the Watson Technical Center. A grant from Ann Frazier and her family made the garden possible. Ms. Marie Kline of Sweet Briar Nursery who was a committee member at that time designed both of these projects. In 1999 Reid Lewis, also of Sweet Briar Nursery, joined the committee and became a part time staff member as college Horticulturist. His expertise and commitment are largely responsible for the progress that has been made in the appearance of the campus. Skeet Powell joined the college staff and the committee in 2000. Reid and Skeet have compiled a comprehensive database to serve as a valuable historical record and information source for planning.

Terry Clay Smith has been a member of the committee since it began. In addition to his gardening expertise, he is responsible for the design/placement of markers at trees or landscape features that have been gifts or memorials. Dr. Eduardo Salazar, Instructor of Botany/Biology, works with the committee as his schedule allows.