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16 Week Calendar Overviews Topics Covered Labs 5/6 Week
Week 1
Overview 1
Syllabus, etc.   Week 1
Week 2
Overview 2 Images, Hardware, Cameras   Week 1
Week 3
Overview 3 Bitmaps, TIFF turn in Lab 1 Week 1
Week 4
Overview 4 Bitmap to GIF Compress turn in Lab 2 Week 2
Week 5     
Overview 5 GIF Animation transparency turn in Lab 3 Week 2
Week 6     Take Test 1
Overview 6 Review Test 1 start Lab 4 Week 2
Week 7
Overview 7 JPEG, PNG turn in Lab 4 Week 3
Week 8    
Overview 8 Editing Tools Crop, Resize turn in Lab 5 Week 3
Week 9     
Overview 9 Editing Tools Optimize turn in Lab 6 Week 3
Week 10
Overview 10 Erase, Copy, Clone turn in Lab 7 Week 4
Week 11
Overview 11 Layers, Text turn in Lab 8 Week 4
Week 12  Take Test 2
Overview 12 Review Test 2   Week 4
Week 13
Overview 13 Paths, Color Balance turn in Lab 9 Week 5
Week 14    
Overview 14 Video, Flash, © start 10 Week 5
Week 15  Take Test 3
Overview 15 Review Test 3 turn in Lab 10 Week 5
Last Class Day
Overview 16 Final EXAM Last Class Day
Additional Material
Course site map How to: Study Downloads Downloads
Log in to D2L How to: Take tests unFREEz, free Acrobat Reader, free
Useful Collins pages Test 1 Review about GIMP   get GIMP free Photoshop Trial Version
My Portfolio Test 2 Review  Ubuntu, with GIMP Adobe Flash Player, free
Capstone Info (Lab 10) Test 3 Review Windows Media tools Real© Helix© tools
Lab 10 Help      

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Intro to Computer Graphics

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