Using Desire2Learn (D2L) Dropbox

Desire2Learn(D2L) is the Temple College classroom management system used in web enhanced, hybrid, on on-line courses,
used for checking campus wide news, course specific information, class discussions, quizzes, turning in homework, and checking grades.
To access D2L, open your browser to the Temple College home page and choose Student Services or eLearning, to access links,
or type in https://templejc.desire2learn.com

Log In  

Once you log into D2L, select the desired class.

Choose the Dropbox link on the gray toolbar; select the correct dropbox, Add a file, Upload, and Submit.

Note: Dropboxes may be locked after an assignment's due date.

Detailed Uploading directions are below.

To browsing, checking if the file went through, getting feedback.


D2L Dropbox

To upload, choose the appropriate Dropbox folder item, and click on it.

Note, some dropbox items will not be visible if restricted by date or the need to complete other events.

Some dropbox items will lock after a certain date, so turn in items before due dates.






D2L Upload Dropbox

Once the dropbox is open, read any instructions that may be listed.

Choose [Add a File]


Choose Browse

Browsing Computer
D2L Upload

D2L Dropbox Submit

After choosing [Add a File], a dialog box will open;
choose where your file is currently saved



You may also need to choose (My) Computer or (My) Documents.
You may also choose files in your Locker.

Find the file that you would like to upload and click [Open]
to select the file. You will be returned to the D2L Dialog box.



Find the file that you would like to upload and click [Open]
to select the file. You will be returned to the D2L Dialog box.

Select [Add]

Repeat the selection process for any additional files that may be pertinent.

Remove a file with the X if the wrong file was selected, and then Add a File again.

Type in a short description or comment about the file, if you like.

After your files have been selected, click [Submit].

(Uploading does NOT Submit, you Upload, then Submit)

Some files may take a long time to upload
(especially if there are graphics in the file).

Did the file go through?

D2L Dropbox verification

D2L Dropbox after graded

Did my file get through? Checking immediately after the upload:
you should get a message saying "File Submission Successful"




Did my file get through? Checking after the upload:
Go to the Dropbox tool;
All of the assignments that have been submitted will be listed.
Items that have been graded will show the score.

If your instructor has comments for you, a View Icon will display under Feedback.


back to D2L Dropbox

D2K Dropbox Feedback

To get feedback:
click the number under Submissions, on the same row as the lab number.

This feedback information will also be listed in the Grades area.