Using Desire2Learn (D2L) Grades

Desire2Learn(D2L) is the Temple College classroom management system used in web enhanced, hybrid, on on-line courses,
used for checking campus wide news, course specific information, class discussions, quizzes, turning in homework, and checking grades.
To access D2L, open your browser to the Temple College home page and choose Student Services or eLearning, to access links,
or type in https://templejc.desire2learn.com

Log In  

Once you log into D2L, select the desired class.

Choose the Grades link on the gray toolbar.

Note: the D2L Grade system does not calculate your current grade in the class; at the end of the semester your Final GPA in numeric form will be displayed at the top of the Grades page.

At the end of the semester your official letter grade for the class will be transferred to TConnect.


D2L Grades Example
4. View Statistics View Statistics
Click to see how well your group did on a graded item;
Note: this may be skewed low due to participants who
may not have completed the grade item.

1. Notes may be left by your instructor about the Grades page

2. Comments, or feedback, may be left about specific items.
Comments can be Overall, left by the instructor for the class or 
Comments can be individual, written specifically for you;
these comments are the same as the Dropbox or Quiz feedback

3. Graded Calculation Calculated Grades
Some grades will have a calculator symbol next to them, indicating that the grade is generated by combining other graded items. Click on the calculator to see the which components and a score overview, or scroll down to see the individual components and feedback listed separately.

5. Grade item breakdown may include:
your score out of the maximum (ungraded items show as a '-'),
points earned toward your final grade, and
the percentage grade.