Using Desire2Learn (D2L) Quizzes

Desire2Learn(D2L) is the Temple College classroom management system used in web enhanced, hybrid, on on-line courses,
used for checking campus wide news, course specific information, class discussions, quizzes, turning in homework, and checking grades.
To access D2L, open your browser to the Temple College home page and choose Student Services or eLearning, to access links,
or type in https://templejc.desire2learn.com

Log In  


Once you log into D2L, select the desired class.

Choose the Quizzes link on the gray toolbar, then select the correct Quiz.

Note: the Quizzes tool can be used for quizzes or tests

Quizzes Topics
Quizzes topics include:
Timed Tests
Re-saving Questions

Quizzes List
Pre-Test information
Submitting Quizzes
Quiz Feedback

Question Types
Post-test Information
Test Reviewing

Saving Questions
Question Feedback

Quizzes List
D2L Quizzes list

Note: you may be able to take some quizzes multiple time,
other quizzes have only one attempt.

Note: Quizzes may not be available until a certain date,
and the quiz may be closed and inaccessible after a certain date.

1. Unlimited attempts, take any time
2. One attempt, take any time
3. Two attempts, take any time
4. One attempt, take any time, requires password
5. One attempt, must take between within certain time and dates

D2L Quiz Timer

Some tests and quizzes have a time limit, if this is the case there will be a count down clock at the top of each quiz page.

Some quizzes automatically submit when the time has expired,
other quizzes will let the test continue, but the instructor will be notified of how long the test took before being completed.

The timer keeps running, even if you close the quiz, so don't close the test without submitting to take a break.

Pre-Test information
D2L Quiz Entry

Once you have selected a test, participants are presented information to review before starting the quiz.

You should read over the quiz description, introduction, and instructions first.

Once you have read over the quiz information, you may be required to supply a password. Check with your instructor for password details.

After reviewing the entire page,
and after providing a password if required,
click the Start Quiz! link.

Question Types
D2L quiz types

-Multiple Choice, click the radio button for the one best answer: automatically graded

-Information, not a question and not graded

-True False, click the radio button for the one best answer: automatically graded

-Multiple Select, click the radio button for each correct answer: automatically graded

-Fill in the blank, type in the missing word: automatically graded, may be checked by faculty

Note spell checker may be available

-Short Answer, the computer attempts to grade, but may need to be reviewed by faculty after test submitted

-Long Answer, must graded by faculty after test submitted

As some questions cannot be graded by the computer, some quiz grades are not valid until the quiz is reviewed and completed by faculty.

Saving Questions
D2L Quiz save icons Answers should be saved in case the computer crashes, etc.
Saved answers will still be there after you log back in, and choose
Continue Quiz.
Save a question by click the gray disk icon, just above the question on the right gray bar.

Re-saving Questions
If you change your mind later about a previously saved question, change the answer and then click Save again.

Submitting Quizzes

D2L Quiz submit button

D2L Quiz sumbitting

When you reach the end of the test, choose [Go to Submit Quiz].


You will be reminded about un-answered questions at this point. You may click on the unsaved questions in the menu on the left to review the question, and answer it if you can.

Once you have completed those questions, choose Submit Quiz.

You will get the following message:

Quiz Submit message

Post-test Information
Once the quiz is submitted, you may receive information about the grading process, depending on how the quiz has been set up.

Question Feedback
You may be able to review the quiz immediately after submitting the quiz. If so, you may be able to click the Question Feedback link to get information on how a question should have been answered.

Item Grading
Immediately after submitting a quiz, you may be able to see a quiz grade at the top of the Quiz submission review, and values awarded for the questions as you scroll down. This grade will also be reported in the D2L Grades area.
If faculty needs to grade portions of the test, the values will adjusted at that time. After faculty grading, questions marked incorrect will still be marked after grading, but the point value will be different.

Quiz Feedback
If faculty does review the quiz, they have the opportunity to add feedback and comments which will display in the Grades area of D2L, as well as at the top of the test when reviewed.

Test Reviewing
Reviewing a Quiz in D2L

To review a quiz at a later time, if allowed, log into D2L, and select the desired class.

Choose the Quizzes link on the gray toolbar. Once on the Quizzes page:

1. Select the Down Triange next to the correct Quiz.

2. Click on the Submissions link. The quizzes taken will be visible.

3. Click on the attempt that you wish to review. The completed quiz opens.
(There may only be one attempt, and faculty controls what, if anything, may be reviewed after submitting a quiz.)

You may now be able to see comments, review points awarded, and get feedback on individual questions.


Certain classes may require use of the free 'Respondus lockdown' browser for taking quizzes. Do not use the Respondus lockdown browser unless indicated for your course, and only use 'Respondus lockdown' for taking quizzes.

The 'Respondus lockdown' browser is used INSTEAD OF other browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc.) for quizzes, and provides a secure testing environment when completing quizzes/tests offered through D2L.

If your instructor has set up their quizzes/tests to use the 'Respondus lockdown' Browser software, you can only access the quizzes/tests through this Browser.

To download a copy of the software to the computer where you are completing your quiz/test, please go to the following web site. 


The link below provides access to a Learner Quick Start guide in a PDF format.

Please post any problems you may incur in the Technical Support discussion forum under the Discussions link on the gray toolbar so we can quickly resolve any issues. Thank you and please be patient if any problems arise as we deploy this new software solution.