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R. Craig Collins
Department of Computer Information Systems
Professional Development Coordinator
eLearning Team

Office: 507 - Watson Technical Center (WTC)
Primary Lab: 522 Watson Technical Center

Phone: 254-298-8461


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Courses and Resources

1404 Logo "How To" (Helpful computer info)

     Collins 'How To' Website           Brightspace by D2L Notes
HTML Logo IMED 1316 - Web Page Design I

     IMED 1316 Course Website Offered Fall Day or Online, Spring Day or Online
     IMED 1316 Portfolio Example
ARTC 1325 logo ARTC 1325 - Intro to Computer Graphics
     ARTC 1325 Course Website Offered Spring Hybrid Day or Online
Nursing Logo ITSE 1294 - Information Technology in Health Care Occupations

     ITSE 1294 Course Website Offered Fall Day, Spring Day, Summer I day
1305 Logo ITSC 1305 - Intro to PC Operating Systems (DOS, Windows, Linux)

     ITSC 1305 Course Website Offered Fall Day/Night, Spring Day/Night, Summer I Day
IMED 2311 logo IMED 2311 - Portfolio Development
     IMED 2311 Course Website Offered Spring Hybrid Afternoon
Smart Phone CPMT 1304 - MicroComputer System Software (Android and OS5/ iPad, iPhone)

     CPMT 1304 Course Material in D2LOffered Fall Hybrid Afternoon

2449 Logo CPMT 2349 - Advanced Networking (+ Security/Troubleshooting)

     CPMT 2349 Course Website (replaces CPMT 2449, ITNW 2405, ITSY 2400, and CMPT 1404) Offered Fall Day
HTML Logo ITSC1309 Description - Integrated Software/Microcomputer Applications
     ITSC 1309 (BCIS 1305) Course Website Offered Summer I Day
faculty staff Logo "Faculty/Staff" (Helpful computer info)

     Collins 'Faculty/Staff tips' Website

Distance Ed Logo

eLearning/Tech Prep - Findings

     Conference Notes
       D2L Fusion
       NISOD Hat Trick



2334 Logo ITSW 2334 Description- Advanced Spreadsheets

     ITSW 2334 Course Website
Linux Logo ITNW 2405 Description - Network Administration (Linux)

     ITNW 2405 Course Website (Course retired, see CPMT 2349/2449)
Win 2003 Logo ITNW 2401 Description - Administering Servers (Windows 2003)

     ITNW 2401 Course Website (Course retired, see CPMT 2349/2449)
1404 Logo CPMT 1404 Description - Microcomputer System Software (Troubleshooting)

     CPMT 1404 Course Website (Course retired, see CPMT 2349/2449)
2400 Logo ITSY 2400 Description - Operating System Security

     ITSY 2400 Course Website (Course retired, see CPMT 2349/2449)
1404 Logo BCIS 1405 Description - Business Computer Applications

     BCIS 1405 Course Website see ITSC 1309

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