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How To: Adapt to Microsoft Office 2010 © R. Craig Collins, 2010

The biggest change in Office was going from Office 2003 to Office 2007. See How to: Word for more on that transition.

Note in the images below, the addition of the Ribbon, a more user friendly way to access the tasks.

Word 2003
2003 Menu

Word 2007
Word 2007 Ribbons

Office 2007 has the Office button in the upper left hand corner,
all Office 2010 products replaced the Office button with a File tab on the the left part of the Ribbon.

Word 2010, with the File tab on the Ribbon
Word 2010

The File tab has a new look compared to the Office Button or File menu.

Note the new look for items on the File tab, such as the Print menu:
Word 2010 Fle/Print

You can now choose the traditional Save As, or the new 'Save and Send'
Note the Info and Options items on the left of the File tab display
Word 2010 Save and Send Menu

In Word, the References tab formats have been updated, such as MLA 6th edition.

In PowerPoint, the Design, Transitions, and Animation are all on separate tabs
PowerPoint 2010

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