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Conditional Release, Details
A release condition prevents a student from accessing a tool until certain conditions have been met, such as reading a content item or completing a quiz.

Creating a Release Condition, below
Attach an Existing Condition
Removing Conditions


Creating a Release Condition
Release conditions can be used almost anywhere, dropbox, quizzes, even News.
Begin by opening the tool you wish to add the conditions to, and locate the Release Conditions section

Beginning the release condition process

Select Create and Attach
Create a new condition

Use the drop-down menu to choose your condition type, such as Completed a Quiz.
You will then be prompted to select which quiz the learner must complete before being able to see the item you are working on.

Condition selections

Then select Create.

Creating the condition

Note: you can now decide if the learn must meet all conditions, or any condition can be met.

Add additional conditions?

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Attach an Existing Condition
If you wish to use an existing condition for another tool, select the Attach Existing button.

Browse your Conditions, and then select the one you wish to use.

Attach existing conditions
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Removing Conditions
To remove conditions, use the Trashcan icon.
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