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Insert Stuff Details

Insert Stuff icon
Anyplace you see the above, Insert Stuff icon, you can insert media files from
your computer,
the Course offering files
You Tube,
and any place that offers an embed code on the web site.
Insert Stuff Screen

To Insert a YouTube, select the YouTube icon.
Insert YouTube

Type in your search, select the correct item, the select Next.
YouTube selected

Select Insert, and save the page you are working on
Insert YouTube

If your media is on a site that is not listed, go to that site and locate the Embed code feature,
copy the code, the use the Enter Embed Code feature.
Example, you find a Public post on Facebook you would like to embed.
Select the Arrow top right of the post, select, Embed Post, and then copy the offered code.
Get Embed code

Take the copied code, and paste, using the Enter Embed Code feature