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Notifications Details

Messages, Updates, Subscriptions, Notifications

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Messages (also known as getting a Page from the Pager tool)

Receiving a message (sent from the Pager, often called getting a Page):
Simply click the Messages Icon (Envelope) when ever there is a red dot.

Note: Desire2Learn is not configured to receive emails... use Web Mail
Receiving a Message
The Pager Inbox opens; unread messages are bold

Pager Window

Click the item to read the entire message
Reading a message
When finished select the Return to Inbox icon, Return to Inbox icon at the top of the page.

Note: the read message is not longer bold;
you can select the message and mark the message Unread, or Delete it.
Read messages

Sending a Message

You can send a message from the Notification tool, but it is often easier to go to the Classlist on the Gray bar for a specific class,
select the desired user(s), and click the Pager icon Pager icon.

However to send a message from the notification tool, select the Classlist link, select the user, and click Message Message icon.
You can also select users, then add them to the Friends list, using the Add icon Add icon
Send Message

You realistically can only send a Pager message to someone in one of your classes, as it does not have an address box that can be edited...

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This notification area displays changes to the Temple College News Page (My Home), as well as showing updates you have made to your class News items.
To see the update, simply click the Updates Icon (Note with Thumbtack) when ever there is a red dot.

News Update Notifications

These notifications are primarily of use to students, and for you to see when the Temple College News has been updated.

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If you or a student wants to be updated when a reply to a discussion occurs, you can add a subscription to that item.
Avoid ChangesI DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS... You will be bombarded with emailed updates.

How to subscribe
In a discussion, select the Subscribe button to have emails sent to you each time someone replies to the discussion.
Setting up a subscription window

You could also use the dropdown menu to not only get emails, but to also display in the Subscriptions notification area.
Alternate Subscription option

After Subscribing: Note the STAR icon, and the icon next to a subscribed discussion
Subscribed view

How to UNsubscribe
If you are getting constant text messages or emails, you may decide to unsubscribe.
To unsubscribe, click the star in the original discussion you subscribed to...
Unsubscribe view

or, if you have multiple subscriptions, go to the Down Triangel next to your name, top right, and choose Notifications (see below)
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For an overwhelming amount of options, select Notifications.
Avoid Changes Note you can even bomb your text inbox, if you like by registering your mobile device.
Notification Window
I prefer to leave subscriptions off, and the Notification window set to the default.

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