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Campus Issues © R. Craig Collins, 2009/18 for making Word Documents accessible and for making pdf Documents accessible

Faculty Orientation Group (FOG): New Temple College Quick Start Guide, More Coming soon

How to Update TConnect Instructor Info

Tenure Planning, folder structure for organizing tenure related documents, and sample cover sheet (zip)

Zero Week Fall 2017

Performance Evaluation Process (pptx) People Admin (zip)

Evaluating Sources (pptx) Web Source Evaluation Checklist (docx)

Title IX Training (pptx)

Mandated ADA Training (pptx)

TurnItIn Feedback Studion Step-by-Step Instructions (pdf) Student Directions for Viewing Originality Reports and Teacher Feedback (pdf)

D2L Conference: Fusion 2017 material (zip) To past conference notes, click here

Medical and Fire Emergencies (pptx)

Leadership Training (pptx) Training Document (docx)

NewModules Providing Opportunities for Workforce Education Readiness, including Advisor Toolkit (MPOWER)

Summer 2017 Proctor U documents for 5/18, 6/20, 7/18 3:00pm

Proctor U video (mp4)

Why Use Proctor U (pdf)
Proctor U Technical Requirements (pdf)
Proctor U ADA Compliance (pdf)
Instructor Account Creation (pdf)
Faculty Handout (pdf)
Test Taker Handout (pdf)
Exam Preparation (pdf)
TCCTA system wide PSA+Student Payment (pdf)

Summer 2017 Respondus documents for 5/17, 5/18, 9:00pm

Screenshots (doc)

Spring 2017 Workshop info; more coming soon.

Quality Grading (TurnItIn presentation)
TurnItIn grademark Step by Step Instructions (doc)
How to see your comment with Rubrics in TurnItIn (doc)
How to see your draft comments in TurnItIn (doc)

Mental Health as a continuum (pdf)

Fall 2016 Accommodations Presentation (pdf)

Instructionally Appropriate Technology Integration (IATI): Word Presentation

Understanding and teaching to Millennial Learners, R. Craig Collins Sp2016 (pdf)
Marketing & Leadership, Robb Cabaniss Sp2016 (pdf)
Strategies for Academic First Responders, Arthur W. Wellborn Jr., Ed. D. (pdf)

Mental Health Presentation, Fall 2015, Christine Simon Psychology Faculty/Counselor
Mental Health Resources, Fall 2015, Christine Simon Psychology Faculty/Counselor

AED video, you can see it here AED Instruction Video (Artificial External Defibrillator)

Emails: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Sharon Burson (pdf)

Flipping the Classroom for Introverts, Ben Burden (pdf)

Flipped Classroom II, Dr. Joanna Scott

Online Course Quality (pdf) Brian St. Amour

Zero Week Fall 2012 Accommodations (pptx) DJ Bailey

Using Siri (pptx) Siri dictation commands (xlsx) Dr. Mark A. Smith

Preventing Cheating, Mark Smith

Tenure Portfolio, Colin Mason

Social Media: Facebook

Story Telling, Sharon Burson (pdf)

Disabilities and Representation, Kerry Laird (pdf)

Dealing with Difficult students, Sharon Burson (pdf)

Fall Convocation 2009, H1N1 Flue Presentation (ppt)

Fall Convocation 2009, Achieving the Dream (ppt)

Copyright ©, Brian St. Amour, Slide show (flash movie), handout (pdf), Continuous Orientation

Microsoft OneNote, Terry Austin, more coming soon

Getting TC Rosters web instructions, Carey Rose

Datatel Info, Amy Flinn, coming soon

ADA, Thomas Gallagher, Slide show, handout (pdf)

Effective eMail management, Mark Smith, coming soon

Ethics, Hal Ward

“Be on Your Best Business Behavior,” Colleen Rickenbacher (email for presentation)

TC Handbook, coming soon

Pay structure, coming soon

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