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Quick Start Guide 2016 © R. Craig Collins, 2016 Under Construction, more soon

A guide for pointing faculty members in the right direction for pertinent policies, procedures, pointers, and perks. Use the document links below to find more specific questions and information.  Each issue clarifies questions that you may need to ask. You will then find points of contact, website links for more information and finally additional resources.

Instructional Support Campus Orientation Safety/Security College Community Faculty Perks TC Functions Civic Community
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Instructional Support
To locate your Department and department chair, on the Temple College website, select Academics

Department Chair Meeting Checklist

Before Semester Planning

First Weeks of Class

Mid Semester

Week 12

Last Weeks of Class

Post-semester Wrap-up


Campus Orientation

To locate the Campus Directory, on the Temple College website, select Directory

Key People


Campus Locations and Campus Maps

Campus Buildings

Campus Parking

Campus Police

Emergency Procedures

Building Safety Coordinators

Emergency Notification System

Threat Assessment Team

Maintenance Facilities

Parking Permits

College Community
Faculty Council
Faculty Orientation Group (FOG)

Food Options

Campus Events

Fine Arts Offerings

TC Athletics

Temple College Foundation


Faculty Perks


Community Discounts

Fitness Center

Flower Fund

Visual Arts

TC Athletics

TC Library

TC Community Education

TC Tuition Remission

TC Functions
Academic and Community Initiatives


Administrative Services

East Williamson County Higher Education Center

Educational Services

Human Resources

Information Services

QEP/SACS Coordination

TC Facts

Temple College Foundation

Texas Bioscience Institute

Who’s Who?

Civic Community
Bell County

Williamson Country