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How To: Submit Labs © R. Craig Collins, 2005

Typically, you will need to zip the file(s) to be submitted, rename the zip to yourname-labx or yourname-labx.zip (see note below on extensions*), and submit the file

*Your computer may hide extensions, and differentiate file types only with icons; if so, just ignore this part of the instruction

 for Labs that require files to be electronically submitted
 • zip the required file(s) and/or folder(s)
 • rename the zipped file to reflect your name and the lab being turned in
       •Example: yourname-lab1 or yourname-lab1.zip (if your extensions are visible)

 If submitting by Temple College Desire2Learn:
       •Log into D2L, scroll to the bottom, and choose the correct course
       •When the Course Home Page appears, click on the Dropbox link.
       Dropbox Selection image
        1. Choose the class for which you want to drop off an assignment. 2. Find the Dropbox tool, click on it. 3. Choose the appropriate Dropbox folder, click on it. 4. Choose [Add a File], then choose [Browse]; you may need to choose (My) Computer first 5. Find the file that you would like to upload and click open, then choose [Upload] 6. Type in a short description or comment about the file, if you like. 7. Select [Add] for any additional files that may be pertinent, and repeat 8. After your files have been selected, click [Submit]. (To upload and submit you will always click at least twice) 9. Some files may take a long time to upload (especially if there are graphics in the file). After the upload is complete the File Upload dialog box should appear. See the steps below to verify that your file went through. Did my file get through? 1. Go to the Dropbox tool 2. Click the number under Submissions 3. All of the assignments that have been submitted will be listed.
 • if submitting by eCampus, by Blackboard
      •Log in to your class, and Click once on the Drop Box/Tools button
      •Select the Digital Drop Box
      •Select the [Add file]
        • For Name, type in the name of the lab
        • For File
           • [Browse...] to the file you wish to submit,
           • Choose [Open] to select it
        • For Comments, include your name, your class, your section, and what you are submitting
      •Select Submit

 • if submitting by email:
       •Send the mail to your instructor, cc yourself
       •The subject line should include your name, your class, your section, and what you are submitting
       •Attach the file