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MUDs and FAAs © R. Craig Collins, 2009/10

Aside from using the campus CAT to record student feedback, you can use many different techniques to gather the formative assessments.
See this Google search for more info on Classroom Assessment Techniques, or CATs. (Local pdf copy here)

What I do weekly, in ALL of my classes, is to use a discussion group to host the forum that I call a MUD. (My Understanding, Details.) However, writing the question on the board and having students turn in a sheet of paper works, too.
Instructions on setting up a MUD in D2L are below.

Basically, I ask the students a blocks of questions:
What topics, during this time frame do you feel very comfortable with? (What about this topic made it work for you?)
What topics,during this time frame do you not feel comfortable with? (What about this topic is challenging for you? Why?)
Is there anything you hope is covered again in the next overview?

The first week, I also add the following:
For the MUDs, please keep in mind I am trying to figure out what parts of the class material click for you, so I can perhaps use that method in other lectures. I also would like to know what parts of the class material you would like clarified... that way I can help you master the material, and perhaps improve the material for other folks.

The point that I am trying to get at for the second half of the MUD is: "What do you hope I talk about during the next class?"

To do this in D2L
, choose your class and go to the Discussions area.
D2L Discussions

Make sure you have a Forum to add the MUD to, and Choose New Topic.
Create a D2L Discussion

Add your title, then enter the text of the MUD in. Note, you may take this to the next level and make FAAs (Formative Assessment, Anonymous), by choosing the "Allow anonymous messages."
If you allow anonymous, I strongly suggest you also select "Messages must be approved..."

Note: In my classes, I have weekly MUDs, then I add one FAA.