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How to Import Rosters

Go to www.templejc.edu

Click on TConnect

Select T Connect

Click on Log In

Log in to TConnect

Enter your Users ID and Password

Use username and password to log in

Click on Faculty

Select Faculty

Click on Temple College Class Roster and Student Information

Choose Roster info

Select the current term and click submit.

Select the term

You will be able to view class rosters for all the classes you are teaching.

Roster options

Click on #3 email copies of all Rosters, then click submit.

Choose Email All Rosters

You will receive the message below: Your rosters have been emailed to your TC email account.


Check your email account for each class roster that you will import.

Check email

Click on Directions for importing Rosters

Open the directions

Directions for importing Rosters

NOTE: If email appears to have some of the students run together, i.e.
each student should be on a separate line. If not and you see the message
*Extra line breaks in this message have been removed*
at the top of your email, click on that line and choose
*Restore line breaks* before you select EDIT.

Check for line breaks

Outlook Method

 1. Select EDIT from the Menu Bar and then choose SELECT ALL from the drop-down menu.

Select All

 2. Select EDIT from the Menu Bar and then choose
     COPY from the drop-down menu.

 Edit Copy

TC WebMail Method
IF YOU ARE USING TC-WEBMAIL there is not an EDIT button.

1. Right click your mouse in the body of the email.
    choose the SELECT ALL option

TC Web Mail Select All

2. Then right click your mouse in the body of the email.
     Select COPY


If the above instructions causes the From,Sent,To and Subject to be copied as well
Then use the following instructions instead
1. Left click your mouse and highlight the entire email body.
2. Then right click your mouse and select COPY.

Excel Steps
     Pasting the data into the TCGradeBookTemplate1208:

 1. Open the TCGradeBookTemplate1208 that was mailed to you previously, in Excel.

Open Excel Template

 2. Select EDIT from the Menu Bar and then choose
    PASTE from the drop-down menu.

Choose Paste

 3. Highlight Column A and then select DATA
     from the Menu Bar and then select
     TEXT TO COLUMNS from the drop-down menu.

Date menu, choose Text to Columns

 4. In the window that appears, select DELIMITED
     and then click Next.

Choose Delimited

 5. Deselect the TAB checkbox and select the COMMA
     checkbox, then click Next.

Choose Comma seperator

 6. Click the Finish button.

Choose Finis

 7. Select FILE and choose SAVE AS to save the roster
      under a name and location of your choice.

Be sure and use SAVE AS to prevent overwriting the template.
Suggestions for naming GradeBook spreadsheets:
 Use the Term and full section name to prevent  overwriting previous terms Grade books,

 Example: SP2008ENGL13011001.

Save As