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How To: Screenshots © R. Craig Collins, 2008

Capturing the Image
First, set up your computer so the object you wish to capture is on your screen.

If what you wish to capture fills the entire screen, press the Print Screen key.
Print Screen Key

If what you wish to capture is the contents of the active window, press and hold the Alt key, then press the Print Screen key, and let go.
Alt Key Print Screen Key

The image is now copied to what is called the computer's clipboard.

Using the screen captured image

To use this image you open some application, such as a word processor, or a graphics program.
Place your insertion point where you would like the item on the clipboard should be placed, then either

* Choose Edit\Paste
*Right Click and choose Paste
*press and hold the Control key down, then press the V key and let go.
Control Key 'V' key

The image should now be copied into your document, and be ready for use.