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IMPORTANT: When using TC Webmail, some 'real' mail gets sorted to your Quarantine Folder... please check this folder frequently, release legitimate mail, and delete and purge the junk mail.

Open your browser to the Temple College home page and choose the Web Mail link, or type in

Log In  
TC Web Mail

Your login is your last name,
first initial,
then last three digits of your student ID
Example: John Doe, ID 5551212 would be doej212

Your password is your birthday, in MMDDYYYY format
Example: Sept. 7, 2004 would be 09072004

You do not need to enter your full email address, just your login name.

(Your email address is login

After reading this, you may view a video on TC WebMail basics.

Send and Receive  

Web Mail Inbox

To check your mail: under My Folders on the left, select the 'Inbox' link,
then choose the 'Check Mail' link on the orange bar.

New messages are displayed in bold text.
If you have a lot of message, you may need to scroll through pages, using the [<] or [>] in the upper right.

Your mail box fills quickly preventing you from receiving any new mail. To delete unneeded mail, select the box next to the email item(s), then choose [Delete/Undelete]; this strikes the messages, marking them for deletion.
You may unmark messages by repeating the above step.

To delete the marked messages, choose Purge Deleted.

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Web Mail Send

To send an email, choose [New].


Web Mail Compose

Enter the email address for the person you wish to contact, or choose a contact from the box on the right. Multiple recipients can be added, separate each address with a ';'

CC is used to send a copy of the email to other interested users

BCC hides the other recipient's email addresses from other recipients.

Make sure you add a meaningful subject line, and spell check your message.


If you wish to send someone a file,
such as a document to your instructor,
in the Compose window click on Attachments.

Attachment Dialog

Attachment dialog 2

The Attachment list dialog box will open.
Type in the location of the file, or choose browse to locate the file you wish to send. Once selected, choose [Open] to finish the selection.

Choose [Attach]



You may attach other files, or [Close] the Attachment dialog and return to the compose window.



Send Web Mail

You will see the any attachments listed under the Subject line.

When you have finished composing your message, choose [Send], on the left of the gray tool bar.

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Organize Folders
Webmail Folders

Folders allow users to organize mail that they wish to keep, without cluttering up the Inbox.

The Folders link on the orange toolbar lets you create a new folder, rename an existing folder, or delete an existing folder.

The Quarantine folder is where potential junk mail is delivered, check this frequently as legitimate mail may wind up here.

Don't forget to periodically delete copies of message you have composed that are saved in the Sent Items folder.

To move an email to a folder:
Select the box next to an email you wish to move,
then use the
[Move to this folder] button
and select an already created folder.

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Contacts List
Add Contact tool

Contacts allows you to save friend's email, phone, and address info, etc.

To save the email address of someone who has emailed you, click the book symbol next to their email address.

Choose the Contacts link on the orange bar to edit or add other contact info

You may also view a video on TC WebMail basics.