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Summer Professional Development is by appointment... just drop me a line and I can help you with
Technology, Pedigogy/Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment, D2L, or keeping current in your discipline!



Hello all, I hope you can all take a moment to read over the following items!
Divisions and Departments, please forward to adjuncts and staff that may not get this email.
Let adjuncts know I have late afternoon and evening hours on Wednesday, or by appointment!
If all you need is the schedule, Scheduled Workshop information is below

Reminder, if you come by during my open lab times, you still qualify to sign up for the topic we worked on, for professional development!

Snapshot of Professional Development open labs:

M-F 7:30-8:00 by appointment
T & W 8:00-9:30 by appointment

M & TH 8:00-9:30 Office/Lab
M 12:30-3:00 Professional Development/Office/Lab
T 2:00-3:00 Professional Development
W 4:00-5:00 Office/Lab
Th 1:45-3:00 Office/Lab
F 9:00-11:00 Professional Development for 6 weeks, the by appointment

Goals of Professional Development:
Help full time faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff use the technology at hand to make their job easier, and allow them be more successful
Help full time faculty and adjunct faculty improve student success and retention by improving course instructional design and implementing continuous improvement
Note: many sessions are also available online
Assist full time faculty, adjunct faculty and departments accessing Professional Development in subject matter areas as well as in pedagogy
Help full time staff, full time faculty, and adjunct faculty track outside activities related to Professional Development, especially for faculty evaluation*

Quick links to items you may need:
Handy link to share with your student on how to use D2L, etc. D2L Notes or
Handy tutorial on D2L Click here for a Desire2Learn Tutorial
Handy reference for your students on how to Log in at the bottom of the PD Update
Handy notes on how I do lecture capture, with YouTube for delivery.
Handy link to recent Education and Technology Tips

Please note, aside from scheduled workshops, I am available for individual consultation for staff, faculty, or departments almost every day.

I have been setting up Professional Development items for folks who ask, but I need a day to get these set up so please let me know before you attend a workshop, please.

If you or your department need Professional Development and can't find workshops or webinars, please let me know and I'll see what I can set up!

Aside from the emails you have received about Webinars, etc., here is what is going on for Professional Development this week (See note below on specific topics to be covered in the upcoming Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment sessions)

Week 14
Check TConnect for Professional Development Code
WKSP-CIA4~5-0119A Campus Issues: CIA IV, Curriculum Instruction Assessment (Instructional Design)
CONF RTFOI 0419A Self Regulated Learning: Active Learning on the Inside, Dr. Linda Nilson

Monday 1:00-2:00 WTC 522 CIA IV, Curriculum Instruction Assessment (Instructional Design)
Tuesday 8:30*-9:15 WTC 522 Open Lab (Get help on eLearning, technology, curricula, etc.)
Tuesday 2:00-3:00 WTC 522 CIA IV, Curriculum Instruction Assessment (Instructional Design)
Wednesday Afternoon WTC 522 By Appointment
Wednesday 4:00pm-5:00pm WTC 522 Open Lab (Get help on eLearning, technology, curricula, etc.)
Thursday 8:30*-9:15 WTC 522 Open Lab (Get help on eLearning, technology, curricula, etc.)
Thursday 1:45-3:00* WTC 522 Open Lab by appointment (Get help on eLearning, technology, curricula, etc.)
Friday 4/26 8:30-12:00 AC3411 Self Regulated Learner: Active Learning on the Inside

CONF RTFOI 0419A Self Regulated Learning: Active Learning on the Inside, Dr. Linda Nilson

Coming Soon

More: Curriculum-Instruction-Assessent, and Microsoft Outlook (after I get on Office 365)

About CIA: Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment sessions

CIA Overview
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Intro (PowerPoint)
Join the CIA, Overview (pdf)
CIA and Bloom's Reference, and quiz
Contextual Teaching, Michael Crawford, CORD
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment I, Formative Assessment options CAT (Classroom Assessment) document
Using D2L to create MUDs and FAAs
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment I, continued Developing a Course of Study
Writing and Using Performance Objectives
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment II Course Syllabus and Unit Plan
Writing and Using Lesson Plans
Teaching Strategies
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment III Presentation Skills Oral Questioning
Presentation Skills Lecture
Presentation Skills Demonstration
Writing Cognitive Tests
Writing Performance Tests
Analyzing Tests
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment IV Non Lecture Instructional Strategies
Online Course Quality (pdf)  

* A note on tracking professional development: if you wish to use our optional TConnect method of recording Professional Development credit,
you must let me know before you attend your workshop or conference, so I can set it up.
Then, you must sign up in TConnect before the end of the workshop or conference.
Once I have something to show you actually attended, I process the PD item with an S for satisfactory completion.
If you sign up for something like a Zero Week workshop, but don't actually attend, you get a U for unsatisfactory completion.
Also, just signing in on a sign-in sheet will not get you into the system... I cannot add folks to TConnect rosters,
nor can I add folks after the workshop has ended.
I only use the sign-in sheet only to verify attendance. Further, I do NOT keep sign in sheets after verification in TConnect.


How to sign up to get credit for workshops (pdf)

Would you like a specific workshop to be offered? Email
We are also looking for campus experts or area subject matter experts to offer additions workshops... again contact

See the entire Professional Development Calendar at
For On Line material, bookmark
or scroll down below

Current Online workshops
Documents for Proctor U
Video and screenshots available in Respondus link

online Course Quality online Course Quality (pdf)
Windows 8.1 new
Windows Crash Course pdf, new
Microsoft Word pt 1 web
Word 2013 Outlines new
Word 2013 Résumé new
Word 2013 Bibliography/Footnote
Word 2013 Cover Page, Headers
Microsoft Word pt 2 web
Microsoft Excel pt 1 web
Microsoft Excel pt 2 web coming soon
PowerPoint 2013 web
YouTube Creation coming soon
HTML web page web
My Book on Making Web Pages, use TOC to locate Dreamweaver (pdf)
Adobe Acrobat  
Intro to GIMP/Photoshop web
Desire2Learn Rubrics  
D2L Intelligent Agents  
Curriculum Instruction Assessment
email me for details on getting credit for doing this on-line

After registering and viewing the Web site and/or YouTube,
Send me an email when you have finished viewing; include  a short summary, as well as any questions you have,
and I’ll complete the TConnect credit.

  YouTube Video Companions and online workshops now available

Click here for full Training Calendar


Coming Soon or online

... what else do you want to see?

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