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Linux Server, Client Setup © R. Craig Collins, 2005/11

Start putty.exe

Putty Start up screen

All you worry about is the Host Name (or IP address), it is, then choose Open

If you get a message about a key, choose [Yes] to trust the host and cache (save) the updated information
Putty warning

If you are a day student, your log in name is the linux+machine number (two digits)+a
If you are a night student, your log in name is the linux+machine number (two digits)+b

Your password will be Password2 (note the capital P and the number 2)... your password WILL NOT DISPLAY when typing

Putty login screen

Using the VI editor
Step 1, type vi filename
You are now in command mode. Go to step to start inserting text
Step 2, to insert text, type the letter "i"
You are now in insert text mode. Type your name
When you have finished typing, you must escape from insert mode
Step 3, when finished editing, hit <ESC>
Step 4, to save and exit type (upper case) ZZ
More about using VI

To additional IP info for other classes

Old version
To set up the UNIX client, you must first start the program.

Start\All Programs\X-Win 32 8.2\ X-Config
If you get a security alert, just choose [OK]

Set you computer up as illustrated below (Use Wizard).
Xwin config screen shot

Type in your name, and choose ssh (Secure SHell)
Xwin config screen shot

Host is
Xwin config screen shot

For login, type in:
linux (lowercase)
+the two digit number on your computer
+a for day classes
+b for night classes

Such as

Password will be Password2
Capitol P,
lowercase assword
the number 2 (make sure caps lock is on)
Xwin config screen shot

For the Red Hat 9 server, you must manually type in
/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -ls
all lower case, and a space between xterm and -ls (lowercase LS)
Xwin config screen shot

(Newer systems you may choose Linux)

Now, Finish. On the Main screen, make sure your session is highlighted, and choose Launch
If you get a security messages, choose [Yes]
Xwin config screen shot

You are now logged in
Xwin terminal screen shot

The next time you wish to start the Unix client:
Start\All Programs\X-Win 32 8.2\ X-Win32

This will place a X icon in the tray, to the right in the task bar.
Click once on the X to start, or right click to edit

Other important IP info
Linux Server
Windows Server

Subnet mask

Lab 522 HP 4050 PCL Printer

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