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Note: the most used items are to the center left; items to the right are useful, but not used as often.

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Word Insert tab
Pages Table Font Links/Header & Footer Text/Symbols

Click on a section of the image above, such as Clipboard or Font, to find out more about the section




To insert a cover page (click the V Arrow to choose from many different styles, or
to simply insert a blank page, or
to start a new page (you may also use [Ctrl]+[Enter] to start a new page



Table. Used to organize content into rows and columns.
To get started, click the V Arrow below Table. (To Table Formulas)

Table: Select rows and columns

Insert Table

Note: When you select the table, a new Tab appears on top of the other tabs...
you may click on Design or Layout to further refine your table.
Table Tools

If you choose the Layout tab for Table Tools, you may insert a formula using the icon to the far right.
Table Formula

=(sum)above will add up all the numbers in the table above the current cell.




Once you select to insert a picture from a file, or to search and insert clip art, the image will be added where the cursor is. If you click on the picture, drag handles will appear on the edges of the image to let you scale or rotate the image.

Further, once an image is clicked, a new Tab appears on top of the other tabs...
you may click on Format to further refine your image.
Image Tools

Links/Header & Footer


Links/Header and Footer

If you type in a web address, it will automatically change to a link.
If you highlight text, you can click on Hyperlink, and make the select word a link to a URL.

Headers are items Word automatically adds to the top of a page, Footers are automatically added to the bottom of a page.

See also Writing a Term Paper


Text boxes will give you control over the position of a block of text in your document. You can place text boxes anywhere in the document and format them or the box that surrounds them. See also Page Layout\Arrange

If you are trying to add a special character (such as é) or symbol
(such as £ or • or ©), click Symbol v arrow.

See also Spelling Résumé.