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Note: the most used items are to the center left; items to the right are useful, but not used as often.

Back to the Word Table of Contents                        The Page Setup Group, second from the right, is the most used item on this tab.

WordPage Layout ttab
Themes Page Setup Font paragraph Arrange

Click on a section of the image above, such as Clipboard or Font, to find out more about the section




Themes allow you to choose a preformatted look for the entire document, including colors, fonts and effects. Mainly for more advanced activities

Page Setup


Page Setup    The Page Setup Group is the most used item on this tab.

Click the V arrow under Margins to change margins... default is 1" x 1"
Click the V arrow next to Orientation to change from the default portrait to landscape.

Click the Page Set Up arrow to the right of Page Setup to open a dialog box where you can alter Paper size

Page Background


Page Background

Page color does not print with the color, mainly for more advanced activities.




This is a duplicate access point to controlling the spacing after a paragraph or if the paragraph itself is single space, double spaced etc.

Click the Page Set Up arrow to the right of Paragraph to access the same dialog box
you get on the Home tab when you select paragraph.

See also Word Basics, double space   See also Writing a Term Paper

Arrange Arrange
If you have inserted a Text box (Insert Tab, Text area) you may control where the box is in relationship to the regular text here. Mainly for more advanced activities