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Starting Office Applications, Options, and Help

If you are not familiar with how to start Microsoft Word, just know that there are several ways to do this... there are often hundreds of ways to do things in Windows; none are wrong, so just use the one that makes since to you.

1) See if a shortcut is on the desktop, if so double click it.
2) Click the Start button and see if a shortcut is on the Start Menu, if so click it.
3) Click the Start button, choose All Programs, choose Microsoft Office, then Choose Microsoft Office Word

Vista and Office 2007

4) If available, you may choose New Office Document, then choose a Blank Word Document.



If you are not certain what an icon does, simply point at it with your mouse to get what is called Bubble help... the icon will tell you what it does.

Once Word is running, you can get additional help by pressing the [F1] key on the keyboard, or clicking the (?) button on the top right of your window.

Help can provide assistance with every faucet of the program's operation, including tutorials. The information can be accessed by typing in a word or phrase in the Help dialog box, or by clicking on the book icon on the top bar of the dialog box to go through the Table of Contents.