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Before you begin, about arrows, triangles, chevrons, and ... (the ellipsis)
The Word Quick Access Toolbar

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Before you begin, about arrows, triangles, chevrons, and ... (the ellipsis)

> = more options
2010 Quick Access bar

On a menu, ... indicates a Dialog box will open to help you complete a task.

On a menu, an arrow or chevron, or triangle means click to get more options.


The Word Quick Access tool bar

At the top left of Word, next to the Office button or the above the File tab, is the Quick Access tool bar.
By default it has a save icon, an undo icon, and a redo icon. I personally like to also have the spell check button there; here is how to add an icon.

Quick Access tool bar

1.) Click the chevron/arrow to next to the Quick Access bar (recall, arrows mean more options); from here you can customize, and add other icons
2.) If you do not see the command you wish to add, choose More Commands... (remember, the ... means a dialog box will open)
3.) I suggest choosing All Commands, instead of Popular Commands
4.) In the left column of the dialog box, click the item you wish to add, then choose [Add > >], the list of selected commands appears on the right
5.) Click [OK] when finished.
Quick Access set up screens