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TC Webmail

What is TC WebMail?

TC WebMail is an e-mail account that is established for all credit students within 24 hours of first time registration.  This e-mail account will be active for approximately two years after a student graduates or withdrawals from Temple College.   You can access TC WebMail by going to the Temple College website at and clicking on the link to WebMail.

TC WebMail is  easy to use and has the following advantages:
  • It can be accessed from any Internet connection both on or off campus!
  • The TC WebMail e-mail address is the ONLY e-mail address that will be used by campus personnel to notify you of cancelled classes, registration information and any campus events.
  • This is the only e-mail account that you can use to receive a temporary password needed to access your TConnect account if you forgot the one that you established when you logged in at a previous time. 
If I run into problems trying to use TC WebMail who do I call?
  • For technical questions call the Help Desk at (254) 298-8450. 
  • For questions regarding registration or academic records, call the Admissions & Records office at (254) 298-8306.
Temple College - 2600 South 1st Street - Temple, Texas  76504 - (254) 298-8282

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